We show the world through the traveler's eyes, and we tell the best stories

We were born in 2005, on the hand ofÁlvaro Cuadrado´s two main passions: MOVIES and TRAVELLING. Actually we have gone around each one of the 5 continents in the world, filming more than 70 productions in more tan 20 different countries.

Certified by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and EGEDA as a film enterprise, in 2007, after being nominated to both national and international prizes for our fiction productions, we launched our film career, calling on the attention of media, distributors and audiences.

Looking forward in taking our talent and creativity to the advertising world, we created Swing28 advertising agencySwing28Since then, we have done several television spots, promotional videos using motion graphics (being a reference to startups), viral videos with great notoriety in youtube and the social network, and large branded content projects.

Our growth has taken us to be part of GrupoSQUARE, a shuttle for creative businesses, with presence in America, Europe and Asia, integrated by the following companies.